Thursday, April 6, 2017

Will He Go?

I get to chapter nine tonight, and I find out that Nate has a school baseball tournament in Los Angeles. He failed his science test and was told that he is not able to attend the tournament. But he has a teachers named Ms. Pickles, and he is trying to pursue her to let him go on the field trip. He does this by offering to mow her lawn, wash her dishes, and do her laundry. I predict that Nate will do this because he really wants to go to the tournament, but Ms. Pickles won't let him because she has an evil side to her that Nate does not know about.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I continue reading Big Nate, Nate considerers himself an A+ student. Well this girl named Giana challenged him to a spelling bee. Well the day before Giana finds Nate's report card, that had fallen out of his backpack. She gains all types of confidence, and she starts putting poster boards around the school. Well she ends up losing and runs out of school and literally starts crying. I predict that Giana wouldn't go to school. I think this because she is a sore loser, and the way she acts when she loses.

Giver: Book VS Movie

The movie is better than the book for many reasons. The most important three reasons why, are because you are able to see the what's actually going on, there are added scenes, and the fact that while watching the movie, you get to see emotions.
When I say that you actually get to see what’s going on, I mean you get to see the characters facial expressions, what they look like. You also get to see how the Giver gives memories, as the book just describes it. You get to see how Jonas’ leaves the Community, as the book explains it. You get to see everything that the book explains. This also means that the thought process might make more sense if you’re a visual learner, sometimes when stuff is being said, you can’t think through all the way. That is my first reason why I think the movie is better than the book.
My second reason why I think the movie is better than the book, is because there are added scenes. In my personal opinion, I didn’t wanna just learn about Jonas’ job, I liked how the movie added the scene of Jonas and Fiona sliding on the trays. In the book, it didn’t have that scene. The main focus in both the movie and book is Jonas’ job as a receiver, but I like how sometimes we got to take a break from that and learn about Asher and Fiona’s job.  Also scenes like Jonas not taking his injections. These two breaks that we had in the book, really made me happy, because it’s kinda boring just learning about Jonas and his job. We got to see things like Lily get her bike, Fiona doing her job, Asher maturing, and other exciting things like that.

Lastly, while watching the book you actually get to see the emotions. In the book, you have to imagine what the characters are feeling like, the book may might use words to help you imagine but it doesn’t always work. For example, the book  might say “Jonas says in a depressed way”, while to movie actually shows you that Jonas said something in a depressed way. You get to also see Jonas’ family react to his stirrings. In all, in the movie you get to see the emotions that characters express, while in the book you have to picture/imagine the emotions that the characters have.

People might say that the book is better than the movie, people might say that the added scene of Jonas and Fiona is a distraction to the rest of the movie. The book is good but is not better than the movie. And I’ve proven that to you.
In conclusion, I’ve proven to you that the movie is better than the book for the three reasons that, in the movie you get to actually see the characters emotions, as in the book you have to visualize it, the fact that there are added scenes that allow us to take a break from Jonas and his job, and the lastly, you actually get to see what's going on, while in the book you have to picture and imagine it.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Big Nate Makin' Big Moves

As I continue in the book Nate is supposed to have detention. According to his friend Harold, detention is for losers. Well if you ask me I'd rather have one day than one week. Now Nate has to suffer one week of after school detention. Also because Nate didn't go to detention, he thinks he's all that. Well he isn't because he tries to get a girlfriend and that did end all that well either.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Big Nate=Big Failure

Tonight I read Big Nate: Mr Popularity. In the first few chapters it's Nate having his first day in high school. In Nate's perspective, it's a good idea to start off the year by toilet papering Ms. Chess's classroom. Well it's not a good idea so now Nate has after school detention on his first day of school. I predict that once it gets around to his parents, they won't really mind, due to the amount of trouble Nate gets into on a regular day.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Interview: Gossip with Granny

Gossip With Granny
The person I’m interviewing is my 65 year old grandma. Her name is Carmen Alicea. Many wrinkles that make her look twenty years older, upper row of her teeth are dentures due to smoking and the lower row is as rotten as can be, but her smile lights up the room. My grandma is very loud when she talks and tries to get her point across. My grandma dresses like a hippy and doesn’t care what people think about her clothes. My grandma is very short, when I was about ten I was the same height as her. Also very thin, eats a lot, nevertheless, never gains any weight. Her legs honesty look as thin as chicken legs, and arms are as thin as can be.
The place that my interview takes place is my grandma’s smoke-smelling house.  For some reason her kitchen floor and her living room carpet of full of chips and chocolate due to “ midnight snacks.” I don’t think anyone feels comfortable entering her house, if I didn’t know her, I wouldn’t feel comfortable entering her house. That should show you, that her house, isn’t the nicest in the world. She is basically a hoarder so her house is pretty jam-packed. The interview was on my grandma's broken table. The table full of plants and cigarette ashes.
Over the phone is where I asked my grandma if she can interview me.
Hey nana, I have to do an interview for my english class, would it be ok I stop by on Tuesday?”
“ You already know!” My grandma replies.
On Tuesday, me and my grandma grab our chocolate bars and start the interview…” Are you ready nana?”
“ Yup, lets go.”
As I take a huge bit into my Hershey’s, I ask,
So what was considered cool, when you were growing?”
She started going on and on about what was cool, smoking, ditching school, stealing, all these terrible things I get scared think about. Smoking “Kent” was cool.
“ Also, not only smoking Kent was cool, but stealing Kent was cool as well!” She adds.
Wow, were people aware of cancer?”
“ To be honest, not really, all of our parents, when we were growing up, smoked. My parents influenced me to smoke. So did my sister, she made ME smoke so that she couldn’t tell on me!” she shouts, dwelling on the past.
Wow, didn’t expect that, let's move on before you start dwelling on the past.” What was a normal day of highschool like for you?”
She explains that it was the four main classes, Social Studies, Math, Science, and P.E, then she did dental assistance and workshop.
My mom buds in “ in her senior year,  she came home to take care of me”
Really, I ask, that’s not good. We move on and I ask, “ If you did dental assistance, then why do you smoke?”
“ I dunno…” she replies, “... people say its to calm their stresses, but since I started, it wasn’t easy to stop.”
DINGGGGG!!!!!  my phone goes off.
“ Edward Dyer, really you almost scared the bones outta me!!!... she starts breathing heavy like she just ran a mile.
“ Sorry let me take this...
Nana, you really use to smoke when you were stressed?
“ Yup!”
WHY, why didn’t you relax or meditate?
“ TBH…”
“ Nana, please don’t use slang, it doesn’t sound right coming out of your mouth.”
“  What are you trying to say… you think i'm TOO old for 2017!?”
“ Yup, I don’t even wanna hear the answer to that question, anyways if you were able to change one thing about the past, what would it be, not affecting anything?”
She explains that she would’ve had more children, but she got a divorce with my grandpa when my mom was two years old. She also talks about how she was cautious about how many children she would have, due to the fact she had my mom when she was a senior in highschool. “ Another reason why I was so cautious, is because, before your mother was born, I had two miscarriages and one even after your mom, I didn’t wanna feel even more depressed the I already was. Everything works out for a reason though.”
Wow, I respond in a very surprised way, that’s terrible!
What was it like growing up in the Bronx of New York?
“ It was rough, my parents weren’t able to get me everything I’d wish for.” She explains that she rarely got to see her parents on the weekends due to work. “ For fun, me and my friends, played Kick The Can, and hopscotch.
What was Kick The Can?
She tells me, it was a group of people, one person was the “ hider” and the hid the can, the rest of the players looked for the can, while the people looked for the can, the hider tries to prevent the other people to find and Kick the Can.
“ Ok nana, last question, be honest, what did you do in your free time during high school / college.
She says, that her and her friends weren’t the smartest people in the world, they went out and drank. Not telling their parents, but letting their parents find out. We went to a thing kinda like Farmers Market. We got kicked out a couple of times smoking in no-smoking areas. “ We were the the Rebels of our area in the Bronx, my parents weren’t proud of it. I only did one year of college and I didn’t do much.”
“ Thanks Nana, appreciate it, once it’s on my blog, I’ll show you!”
“ No problem Edward whenever you want!”

Throughout this interview, I enjoyed learning new things about my grandma, things you don’t see in her. What surprised me the most is the fact that she’s had two miscarriages before my mom was born and one miscarriage after she was born. Another thing I enjoyed about this interview is the fact that my grandma even expresses herself, because my grandma is a pretty quiet and shy person around other people.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Everyone Ends At One Point.

After you do all your business and hard work in the NFL. There is something called a retirement. A average NFL career lasts around 5-8 years. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you enter the Hall Of Fame. This means you were beyond stellar and you made a big mark on your NFL team. This is also meant to show you appreciation for your hard work and dedication.